2022 Events

G20 Interfaith Forum

12-13 December 2022
United Arab Emirates
(live stream available)

OSCE Webinar: FoRB-related trends

12 December 2022,
6:00 am MST
Elizabeth Clark

Advancing Religious Freedom in a Divided America with Judge Thomas B. Griffith

15 November 2022

Unconstitutional Conditions and Religious Liberty

24 October 2022

Notre Dame

International Moot Court, Cordoba, Spain

BYU Earns Best Team Honors

29th Annual International Law and Religion Symposium

2-4 October 2022
Religion’s Roles in Peacebuilding

Podcast: Brett Scharffs discusses human dignity with Peggy Fletcher Stack

21 Sept 2022

A Constitutional Symposium: Religious Liberty and LGBTQ+ Rights

19 September 2022

7:30-9:00 pm PT

Religious Freedom, Rule of Law, and Cross Cultural Religious Literacy

13-15 September 2022

8-10 AM EDT

Notre Dame Religious Liberty Summit

July 20-22, 2022

AMAR Foundation Windsor Dialogue Series 2022

July 6-7, 2022

April 20-21, 2022

The Coalition on Human Dignity and Religious Freedom

27 September 2022
Phoenix, AZ, USA

A Good Life: Law and Human Flourishing

28-29 July 2022

Religion and Comprehensive Security

27-28 July 2022

Human Dignity in Religions Traditions

23-24 July 2022

Libertad Religiosa en el Caso Pavez vs Chile: Enseñanzas y Desafíos

12 de Julio de 2022

London 2022 International Ministerial Conference on Freedom of Religion or Belief

July 5-6, 2022

IRF Summit Breakout Session: Human Dignity Initiatives: Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the UDHR

June 30, 2022 
12:30 MST/2:30 EST

“Living Peaceably: Religious Freedom as a Foundation for Civic Harmony”

16 June, 2022

All sessions are available to watch.

Religious Freedom in Civic Society

Elizabeth Clark joins Monsignor Sullivan on the JustLove podcast.

June 11, 2022

II Interreligious Forum of the Americas

7-8 June 2022

What is the Current State of Religious Freedom in Uzbekistan?

Wednesday, April 13, 2022, at 10am EST

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Clark speaks at George Mason University

24-25 March 2022

Simpósio Brasileiro de Liberdade Religiosa



23-25 de março de 2022

Webinario Libertad Religiosa y Libertad de Cátedra

16 de marzo de 2022

2022 Church History Symposium

March 10-11, 2022