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The International Center for Law and Religion Studies works to help secure the blessings of freedom of religion or belief for all people by: Expanding, deepening, and disseminating knowledge and expertise regarding the interrelationship of law and religion; facilitating the growth of networks of scholars, experts, and policy makers involved in the field of religion and law; and contributing to law reform processes and broader implementation of principles of religious freedom worldwide. Learn more about the Center in an informative video here.

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The Sterling and Eleanor Colton Chair supports the work of the International Center for Law and Religion Studies in extending the blessings of religious liberty throughout the world. The Coltons’ lives of faith and faithfulness demonstrate the goals of the Center and establish a platform for the world to hear in soft and quiet ways, that religious freedom creates the best hope for conflicts to be reduced.

DONATE ONLINE TO THE COLTON CHAIR (100% of donations go directly to ICLRS)

Consider joining the International Advisory Council. Members of the International Advisory Council (IAC) play critical roles in promoting the cause of religious freedom worldwide.

If you would like information on becoming more involved in our mission to protect and defend religious freedom, or on joining the IAC, contact Sandy Stephenson at [email protected] or (801) 422-2112.