Religious Freedom Annual Review

About the Review

The Religious Freedom Annual Review began in 2014 as an opportunity to provide up-to-date information on the status of laws affecting religious freedom in the United States. Originally established as a conference for lawyers, the annual review has expanded to include all who are interested in learning more about religious freedom and working together in an increasingly diverse space.

2024: Becoming Peacemakers Through Supporting Religious Freedom And Pluralism

2023: Religious Communities: Worshipping, Serving, and Learning Together

2022: Living Peacable: Religious Freedom as a Foundation for Civic Harmony

2021: Religion’s Role in Overcoming Divides and Strengthening American Democracy

2020: Religion and Religious Freedom in the COVID-19 Era: Finding Community and Hope

2019: Religious Freedom for a New Generation

2018: Religious Freedom and the Common Good

2017: A Guide to Religion in Schools, the Workplace, and the Public Square

2016: Religious Freedom Annual Review

2015: Fairness for All

2014: Religious Freedom in a Secular World