2024 Religious Freedom Annual Review

Becoming Peacemakers Through Supporting Religious Freedom and Pluralism

What does it mean to be a peacemaker in America today? How can one reconcile engagement in the political and public sphere with living a life of faith? Can religious freedom and pluralism form a basis for mutual co-existence and peace? Can they provide means of healing our divided country or do they simply fracture our communities more? How can we stand up for principles and rights we care about while remaining peaceable? Pundits, scholars, religious leaders, and others from a variety of religious traditions take on these and similar questions at this year’s Religious Freedom Annual Review.
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The Religious Freedom Annual Review featured general sessions and three breakout tracks.

Practical Peacemakers Breakout Track
These sessions provided everyday examples of efforts to promote peace and more civil discussions. Presenters introduced practical approaches to help build a more pluralistic and peaceful society. Participants learned how to “disagree better” in the home, communities, and political life.
Rising Generation Breakout Track
This set of breakouts focused on initiatives that help members of the rising generation explore peacemaking through religious pluralism and freedom. Conference attendees heard from civil society, religious, and educational groups that are innovating ways to increase interreligious understanding through educational curricula and dialogue. One of the sessions included students from BYU and Fuller Theological Seminary talking about their efforts to build peace and understanding through a series of interfaith dialogues. Others discussed practical materials being put together by groups such Braver Angels, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and Southern Virginia University.
Continuing Legal Education Breakout Track:
Six credit hours for Continuing Legal Education were approved for a series of breakouts that focused on legal developments in the area of religious freedom. Leading experts in First Amendment law discussed recent cases in state and federal courts and assessed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act at 30 years. One Civility credit was approved for a discussion of a new dignity index that attempts to track speech in a non-partisan way. This Dignity Index rates how contemptuous or respectful of dignity language is and offers approaches that can improve civil discourse.
Watch the sessions on YouTube or scroll down for individual sessions.

Recordings: General Sessions


Opening Session

Understanding the Climate for Religious Freedom and Pluralism

General Session

Finding Shared Solutions and Creating a More Peaceful Future

General Session

Navigating Christian Nationalism and Closing Remarks

Practical Peacemakers Breakout Track

Peacemaking through Intra-Faith Engagement

National Governors’ Association “Disagree Better” Campaign

Renewing and Deepening Civic Skills: Lessons from Braver Angels

“Disagree Better” Online Curriculum for Families

Lessons from Business in Building Religious Pluralism

Rising Generation Breakout Track

Peacemaking and Civility at Southern Virginia University

Peacemakers through Pluralism–Equipping the Rising Generation

Faith, Hope, and Love: A Dialogue with Fuller Seminary and BYU Students

Continuing Legal Education Breakout Track

Church Autonomy and Free Exercise Developments in State and Lower Federal Courts.

Dignity Index (Civility credit)

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act at 30

Religious Freedom and the Administrative State

The Religious Freedom Alliance Council: Promoting Religious Freedom at the Local Level