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Publications Director

Donlu DeWitt Thayer is the Center's Publications Director, with responsibility for overseeing print and electronic publications, including the Center's websites and social media outlets, and the Law and Religion Headlines sent near daily to subscribers worldwide. A significant responsibility is maintaining the website and case table of the Strasbourg Consortium, which tracks the freedom-of-religion-or-belief jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights. She is Associate Editor of the Oxford Journal of Law and Religion and was Associate Editor of the 5-volume Encyclopedia of Law and Religion (Brill 2016, Gerhard Robbers and Cole Durham, eds). She has participated as writer or editor in Center publication projects including briefs for the US Supreme Court and the European Court of Human... more

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Communications Specialist

Blythe Shupe joined the International Center for Law and Religion Studies in September 2015 as a Communications Specialist. She had spent the previous ten years as an account manager in the world of pre-employment screening. In this position, she worked closely with Human Resources, Compliance Departments, and Security Departments of large companies setting up and monitoring background screening programs for new hires to ensure the client was hiring the best possible candidate while operating within federal, state, and local laws. She specialized in the complicated screening practices surrounding healthcare, financial firms and aviation. She honed her communication... more

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Electronic Media Consultant

Hayden Rowberry began working with the International Center for Law and Religion Studies in 2011 as a web developer. After serving a 2-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Indianapolis, Indiana, he returned to assist the center to manage their websites and other technical needs. Currently, he is studying Computer Engineering at Brigham Young University, while continuing to consult with the Center. Hayden has always enjoyed working with technology, and is grateful for the oportunity to use his talents to benefit others.

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Editorial Associate - Websites and Headlines

Jordan Pendergrass is a paralegal for a government agency. He has a Master's Degree in International Law and Politics (Georgetown University) and a Bachelor's Degree in Geography (Brigham Young University). Jordan is married and has five children. Jordan began to volunteer for the International Center for Law and Religion Studies in 2010. He has performed a variety of tasks for the Center including: writing country reports; assisting with website maintenance; tracking law and religion headlines; and reporting on the Annual International Law and Religion Symposium.

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Editorial Assistant - Headlines

Lauren Bretzing joined the Headlines team in January 2017.  She is a nursing major at Brigham Young University. She served an eighteen-month mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Sydney, Australia and has enjoyed traveling to Europe and all over the continental United States. She spent many of her growing up years in Northern Virginia, where she developed a love of history and politics. During her free time, she can often be found hiking, running, or visiting any interesting museums in the area. She has... more

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Global Engagement Specialist (Volunteer)

Dr. Boyd Bauer is a Global Engagement Specialist, an independent consultant specializing in international education and business development. Throughout his professional life he has worked, taught, lectured, and traveled in numerous countries. He is an innovative thinker dedicated to building bridges of understanding between individuals and diverse groups in the United States as well as other locations around the world. He has been a keynote speaker for economic conferences and community organizations, speaking on a wide range... more

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Symposium Reporter & Photographer (Volunteer)

Page (Townsend) Johnson is a freelance writer, editor, and photographer living in McLean, Virginia. She has for a number of years provided photographic and written reports, and at the same time welcome friendship for delegates, at the Annual International Law and Religion Symposium at the J. Reuben Clark Law School. Page has a B.A. degree in Journalism from Brigham Young University, a Master’s degree in Communications from the University of Utah, and has studied publishing at Radcliffe College in Cambridge, MA. She worked as an editor for the BYU press in Provo, Utah; Hermann Hospital in Houston, Texas; and National Public Radio in both Salt Lake City, Utah, and... more

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Editorial Associate - Symposium Reporter

Gaylee Page Coverston has lived in Brazil at various times during her life, which created a love for the people, the language and their culture that is truly a part of her soul. Her love for the Portuguese language directed her studies and she graduated from BYU with a bachelors in Linguistics and in Portuguese Literature. She went on to study in the BYU Portuguese Master’s program but was unable to finish due to family medical concerns. Her most profound joy and greatest accomplishment is her family. She is married to a wonderful man, Jason Coverston, and they have five beautiful children. She considers herself a career mother who has had wonderful... more