ICLRS Regional Conferences

Beginning in 2013, the Center has held regional conferences in 7-8 regions of the world each year:  Africa, Asia, South Asia, Europe, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Oceanica / Pacific, and the Muslim World. Undertaken with local partners sharing objectives and resource, these conferences are major events that permit the Center to share expertise and extend its work worldwide.


Israel, China, Korea, Japan

South Asia

Vietnam, India, Myanmar, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia


Oxford, London, Potsdam, Como, Rome, Bologna, Strasbourg, Budapest, Athens

Eastern Europe

Russia, Latvia, Poland, Armenia, Estonia, Georgia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Slovakia


Ghana, South Africa, Namibia, Ethiopia, Morocco, Nigeria, Botswana

Latin America

Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica

Muslim World

Morocco (Ifrane, Rabat), Turkey (Istanbul), Jordan, Ethiopia (Addis Ababa), “Muslim Mediterraean” in Como, Italy

Oceania / Pacific

Philippines, Australia, Samoa