Summer Research Fellows 2020

Back row left to right: Marianna Richardson, Tom Withers, Brock Mason, Karissa Hilton, Jui-Chieh Tsai, Jaden Cowdin, Jordan Phair

Front row left to right: Reece Barker, Kimberley Farnsworth, Rachel Johnson, Leah Blake, Abigail Wadley, Tanner Hafen, Lauren Malner

Photo taken before COVID-19 restrictions

Summer 2020 Fellows

Traditionally, ICLRS Summer Research Fellows spend part of the summer externing abroad. While travel plans were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many externs completed their externships remotely. All externs participated in research projects with the Center.

Reece Barker: Accra, Ghana

Leah Blake: Frankfurt, Germany

Jaden Cowdin: Salt Lake City, Utah

Kimberley Farnsworth: Lima, Peru

Morgan Farnsworth: Moscow, Russia

Tanner Hafen: Auckland, New Zealand

Karissa Hilton: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Rachel Johnson: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lauren Malner: Moscow, Russia

Brock Mason: Frankfurt, Germany

Jordan Phair: Johannesburg, South Africa

Marianna Richardson: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Jui-Chieh Tsai: Salt Lake City, Utah

Abigail Wadley: Salt Lake City, Utah

Tom Withers: Accra, Ghana