Brock Mason: Frankfurt, Germany

Brock Mason earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy with a minor in ancient Near Eastern studies from Brigham Young University in 2014. Brock and his wife, Jessica, then moved to New York City for graduate school. While there, they served as Pathway Missionaries and Jessica gave birth to their first son, Marc. They returned to BYU when Brock was named a Graduate Fellow at the Wheatley Institution while working on his dissertation. Shortly after their move, Jessica gave birth to their second son, Isaiah. Brock has taught in the philosophy and ancient scripture departments on campus and has published and presented on topics in political theory, ethics, philosophy of religion, and theology. He is currently a PhD candidate at Fordham University, finishing his dissertation on religious beliefs and public justification. Brock and Jessica love good conversations, reading together, being outdoors with their boys, and eating baked goods. They are enormously excited and grateful for the opportunity to work with the International Center for Law and Religion Studies.