Summer Research Fellows

Summer Research Fellows

The ICLRS Summer Research Fellows program invites students who have completed their first year of study at the J. Reuben Clark Law School to participate in an international externship followed by a guided individual research project. Fellows gain practical experience as well as significant research and writing experience, important for launching and sustaining their careers, while enjoying opportunities for personal encounters with global leaders in the field of religious freedom. At the same time, the Fellows offer a vital service to the work of the Center and to the cause of religious freedom worldwide….

Summer Research Fellows 2019

Summer Crockett Hong Kong
Christopher B. Fore  – Provo Utah
John Geilman Salt Lake City, Utah
Hannah Leavitt-Howell Accra, Ghana
Andrew Navarro – Lima, Peru
McKenna Rammell Auckland, New Zealand
Kody RichardsonSalt Lake City, Utah
Liam Smith – Johannesburg, South Africa
Aaron Stinson – Mexico City, Mexico
Jessica Volmar – Frankfurt, Germany
 Ellen Huish WelchSalt Lake City, Utah

Summer Research Fellows 2018

Austin Atkinson – Moscow Russia
Andrew Birkinsha – Johannesburg, South Africa
Bekah Chamberlin – Auckland, New Zealand
Miranda Cherkas – Hong Kong
MaKade Claypool – Moscow, Russia
Erin Cranor – Salt Lake City, Utah
Michael Duval – Frankfurt, Germany
Diana Flores – Hong Kong
Abdullah Hassan – Frankfurt, Germany
Madison Moss – Accra, Ghana
Chase Olsen – Salt Lake City, Utah
Gabriell Sabalones – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Rachel Mabey Whipple – Brussels, Belgium

Summer Research Fellows 2017

Amy Andrus – Auckland, New Zealand 
Sara Plater – 
Lima, Peru
Shaun D. Belliston – 
Lima, Peru
Athelia Graham – 
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Kyle A. Harvey – 
São Paulo, Brazil
John Iler – 
Frankfurt, Germany
Neal Liu – 
Salt Lake City, Utah
Justin Miller – 
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Scott Mosley – 
Accra, Ghana
Joe Moxon – 
Johannesburg, South Africa
Dianna Odell – Moscow, Russia
Shelise Rupp – 
Salt Lake City, Utah
Taylor Shaw – 
Frankfurt, Germany
George Simons – 
São Paulo, Brazil

Summer Research Fellows 2016

Reed Adlish  – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Alexander Alton – 
São Paulo, Brazil
Jarom Blackhurst — Moscow, Russia 
Kaleb Brimhall – Salt Lake City, Utah
Sarah Clifford – Auckland, New Zealand
Jacob Crump – Salt Lake City, Utah
Jessica Farnsworth – Hong Kong
Jedidiah Gibson – 
Auckland, New Zealand 
Ryan Hughes – Frankfurt, Germany
Nathan Kinghorn — Lima, Peru
Shad Larson – Johannesburg, South Africa
Brittani Nelson – Frankfurt, Germany…

Summer Research Fellows 2015

Tanner J. Bean – São Paulo, Brazil
Tye L. Christensen – São Paulo, Brazil
Ian Collins – Johannesburg, South Africa
David M. Doty – Frankfurt, Germany
Lauren M. Flores  – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Adam P. Forsyth – Salt Lake City, Utah
John L. Gibbons – Salt Lake City, Utah
Michael K. Goodrich – Auckland, New Zealand
Ryan W. Jolley – Mexico City, Mexico
Scott A. Ludlow – Hong Kong
Leilani D. Maldonado – Lima, Peru
Abby McKeon – Frankfurt, Germany
McKenna Mills – Moscow, Russia
Emily Page – Auckland, New Zealand

Summer Research Fellows 2014

Monique Mullenaux – Accra, Ghana
Travis Hyer – Auckland, New Zealand
Ryan Davis – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Annalee Moser – Buenos Aires, Argentina
M. Brian Sabey – Frankfurt, Germany
Victoria Chen – Hong Kong
Jarvis Yat-Him Yaw – Hong Kong
Lauren R. Robins – Johannesburg, South Africa
Eva M. Brady – Lima, Peru
Branden Kartchner – México City, México
Ryan C. Andersen – Moscow, Russia
Bennett Briggs – Moscow, Russia
Tara Fitzgerald – Salt Lake City, Utah
Daniel Lyman – Salt Lake City, Utah
Morgan Brungard – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Cade Shiozaki – São Paulo, Brazil

Student Research Fellows 2013

John Anderson — Auckland, New Zealand
Lacee L. Curtis — Sydney, Australia
Monica Gardner — Accra, Ghana
Jake M. Garfield — Mexico City, Mexico
Bryant T. Hinckley — Johannesburg, South Africa
Stanley Jean-Charles — Santo Domingo, Domincan Republic
Kyler J. McCarty — Buenos Aires, Argentina
Lynn Nouri  — Salt Lake City, Utah
Daniel M. Ortner — Salt Lake City, Utah
Derek S. Parry — Hong Kong
Richard A. (Alex) Storms — Tokyo, Japan
Shantel Talbot — Manila, Philippines
Cristina S. Wood — Frankfurt, Germany

Summer Research Fellows 2012

Cherise Bacalski – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Dustin S. Cammack – Mexico City, Mexico
Jorge A. Gavilanes – Lima, Peru
Jared Hatch – Accra, Ghana
Carl Hollan – Hong Kong, China
Travis Hunt – Moscow, Russia
Michelle A. Jeffs – São Paulo, Brazil
Samuel S. Packard – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Natalia Peterson – Johannesburg, South Africa
Eimi Priddis – Frankfurt, Germany
Blake Richards – Auckland, New Zealand
Randa Begni da Silva Vieira – São Paulo, Brazil 
Aaron M. Worthen – Salt Lake City, Utah
Gage H. Zobell – Guatemala City, Guatemala

Summer Research Fellows 2011

Joseph Ballstaedt – Lima, Peru
Brandon Bastian – Salt Lake City, USA
Josh Bishop – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Cecily Couture – Hong Kong, China
Matthew Cox – Frankfurt, Germany
Cynthia Hale – Chicago, Illinois
Eric Jeppsen – Salt Lake City, USA
Szonja Ludvig – Accra, Ghana
Alex Mason – Guatemala City, Guatemala
Rachel Snow – Auckland, New Zealand
Joseph Stewart – Sao Paulo, Brazil
Katelyn Trottier – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Crystal Wong – Mexico City, Mexico

Summer Research Fellows 2010

Keith Barlow – Salt Lake City, USA
Heath Becker – Guatemala City, Guatemala
M. Preston Gardner – São Paulo, Brazil
Kristina Hardy – Mexico City, Mexico
Bryan Holm – Auckland, New Zealand
George Monsivais – Salt Lake City, USA
Rebecca Nelson – Lima, Peru
Lori Olsen – Johannesburg, South Africa
Julie Slater – Accra, Ghana
Robert Stratford – Hong Kong, China
Jordan Teuscher – Kyiv, Ukraine
Adam Thompson – Auckland, New Zealand
Elizabeth Willian – Frankfurt, Germany 

Summer Research Fellows 2009

Bonnie Alldredge – Salt Lake City, USA
Stephanie Barclay – Frankfurt, Germany
Cory M. Davidson – Accra, Ghana 
Amanda Eccles
– Hong Kong, China
Elsa Jacobsen – Salt Lake City, USA
Tyler LaMarr – Frankfurt, Germany
Eli McCann – Moscow, Russia
Rachel A. Miller – São Paulo, Brazil
Doug C. Shumway – Lima, Peru
Annette Thacker – Auckland, New Zealand
Joseph Wise – Mexico City, Mexico