Tyler LaMarr

Frankfurt, Germany

Born in Denver, Colorado, Tyler LaMarr studied Political Science and Business Management prior to entering law school. As a Research Fellow, he traveled to Frankfurt, Germany, where he worked as an intern for the LDS Church Area Legal Counsel. While in Europe Tyler participated in the restructuring of the Church’s legal entity in France, and worked on attaining tax deductions for charitable donors of religious organizations. Tyler is currently drafting new content for the treatise “Religious Organizations and the Law” on the topic of same-sex marriage and the many resulting ramifications for religious organizations. Tyler is a member of the BYU National Moot Court Team. He speaks fluent French, and enjoys traveling, fishing, and is very interested in law and religion.

Bonnie Alldredge

Salt Lake City, Utah

Bonnie graduated in 2007 from Brigham Young University where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Middle East Studies/Arabic. During her undergraduate studies she had the opportunity to travel and live in the Middle East where she fell in love with learning about other cultures.  She hopes to use her interests in other cultures in her legal career.  She worked this summer at the Office of General Counsel for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Bonnie enjoyed working on the wide variety of legal issues she was able to be exposed to during her externship.

Stephanie Barclay

Frankfurt, Germany

Cory M. Davidson

Accra, Ghana

Amanda Eccles

Hong Kong, China

Elsa Jacobsen

Salt Lake City, Utah

Elsa Jacobsen graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelors degree in History and a Masters degree in Education Policy Analysis and Evaluation.  During her externship in Salt Lake City with the Office of General Counsel for the LDS Church, Elsa worked on immigration, copyright and trademark issues. Elsa’s work at the Center focused upon a scholarly article regarding state supreme court decisions on free exercise cases.

Christy L. Johnson

Moscow, Russia

Eli McCann

Moscow, Russia

Eli McCann is a second-year law student.  Born and raised in the Salt Lake area, he did his undergraduate work in history (business minor) at BYU.  He spent his summer internship with the Area Legal Counsel of the LDS Church in Moscow, Russia, covering work for the Church’s legal entities in multiple Eastern European countries. Eli is currently the vice-chair of the Trial Advocacy Team at BYU., a member of the Moot Court Team, an associate editor for the journal of public law, and a board member of BYU’s International Law Student Association. He is interested in international law practices, particularly in regards to international arbitration and litigation.

Rachel Miller

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Before coming to law school, Rachel Miller graduated in social studies education from Brigham Young University – Idaho.  During her externship in Sao Paulo, Brazil, she worked on employment law as it pertains to religious organizations in Brazil.  Rachel also worked on the employment chapter of a treatise for American religions in connection with the Center.

Kimberly S. Peterson

Guatemala City, Guatemala

Douglas Shumway

Lima, Peru

Born and raised on the North Shore of Oahu, Doug Shumway has lived most of his life in Polynesia.  After serving a two-year mission for the LDS Church in Lima, Peru, Doug returned to Hawaii where he graduated summa cum laude in International Cultural Studies, with a minor in Spanish Language from Brigham Young University-Hawaii. Before law school, Doug worked professionally in education and in the manufacturing industry for four years. His legal interests include Religious Freedom, International Arbitration, Negotiation, and establishing the rule of law among developing nations and cultures. Doug’s 2009 summer internship took him to the LDS Church’s legal office in Lima, Peru, where he worked on such issues as religious employment and the legalities of effective management of religious corporations. Doug and his wife, Jennifer, and their two children enjoy swimming, playing in the park, gardening, and making homemade ice cream.

Annette Thacker

Auckland, New Zealand

Annette Thacker graduated from BYU with a degree in Mathematics Education. Before entering law school, Annette served a mission in Japan and taught mathematics at various public schools in Utah and California. During her externship in Auckland, New Zealand, she worked on projects involving property law, employment law, corporate consolidation, and various other legal fields. While in New Zealand she also had the chance to hike a few volcanoes, kayak with the dolphins, and watch a professional rugby game. Annette is currently researching legal issues regarding the incorporation of religious organizations for the Center’s treatise.

Joseph Wise

Lima, Peru

Joseph Wise is from Sunnyside, Washington, is married and has three children.  Joseph served a mission to Latvia and speaks Latvian and Spanish. He attended BYU as an undergraduate, studying History, while teaching Latvian at the MTC. After completion of his undergraduate degree Joseph taught Math at an alternative high school and prepared for the LSAT. A second-year law student, he is interning at the Utah County Attorney’s office, criminal division.  Joseph was sent by the ICLRS to Lima to work for the Area Legal Counsel of the LDS Church, where he learned a great deal, both about the legal affairs of the Church and about the reality of practicing law in a civil law country. He spent the rest of the summer working for the Center on the Treatise, and thoroughly enjoyed that experience.