January 3-6, 2018.  American Association of Law Schools (AALS) Meetings, San Diego, California

January 30, 2018.  The Summit on Religious Freedom: An Interfaith Invitation, Central Florida Commission on Religious Freedom, Orlando, Florida 

February 1-3, 2018.  South East Asia Regional Conference. "Religio-Legal Parameters for Social Harmony," SACRALS Conference, New Delhi, India

February 14-16, 2018.  Pacific Regional Conference. Conference on Constitutional Space, Adelaide and Sydney, Australia 

February 15, 2018. ... more

3-7  January 2017. American Association of Law Schools (AALS) Conference, San Francisco, California 

10-23 January 2017. South Asia Tour, India

13-15 January 2017.  Asia Regional Conference, Hyderabad, India.  International Programme on "Peace, Stability And Sustainable Development:  The Role of Religion"

21 January 2017.  Dinner with Asian Religion Scholars, Delhi, India

31 January 2017.   Summit on Religious Freedom: "How Supreme Court Decisions Impact the Freedom of Your Faith,” First Baptist Church, Orlando... more

29 January 2016. International Law Weekend - West, "Law in a Divided World", sponsored by the International Law Association. J. Reuben Clark Law School, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT. 

1 February 2016. Third Biennial Colloquium in Law and Religion, St. John's Law School, Queens, NY. Brett Scharffs presenting. 

11-13 February 2016Annual Conference, J. Reuben Clark Law Society, San Diego, CA. 

7-9 March 2016. "The Legitimate Scope of Religious Establishment", sponsored by the Fondazione Marcianum. Venice, Italy. Brett Scharffs participating.... more

9-11 February 2015. Wilton Park Conference on "Developing a Multilateral Approach to Freedom of Religion or Belief:  A European Perspective" at Wilton House, West Sussex, UK.  Cole Durham participating.

23-28 February 2015. International Conference: "Towards Law and Religious Freedom in Africa", an initiative of the Centre for Human Rights of the Faculty of Law, University of Lagos in collaboration with the Nigerian Bar Association (Lagos and Ikeja Branches); African Consortium for Law and Religion Studies, South Africa and International Centre for... more

6-9 January 2014. The International Religious Liberty Association's 15th Meeting of Experts, "Religions, Secular Society, and Religious Liberty in the Mediterranean Area:  How to Interact in our Diverse Societies," Athens, Greece.  Cole Durham lecturing on "Varying State Approaches to Religious Normative Systems in the United States."

15-16 January 2014. International conference focusing on Religion, Democracy and Law, the Faculty of Law, Governance and International Relations, London Metropolitan University. David Kirkham delivering a keynote address. The conference is financially supported by Brigham Young University; International Political Science Association; European Consortium for Political Research; and the Centre for the Study of Religion, Conflict and Cooperation at the London Metropolitan University.

19-20 February 2014. Regional Consultation on Promoting the Freedom of Religion or Belief in ASEAN in Jakarta, Indonesia. Cole Durham... more

4-7 January 2013. The Association of American Law Schools (AALS) 2013 Annual Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana. [Schedule-at-a-glance, PDF]

14-15 January 2013. Conference on Law and Religion in Africa: Comparative Practices, Experiences, and Prospects, sponsored by the Unit for the Study of Law and Religion, Faculty of Theology, Stellenbosch University, South Africa; the Centre for Human Rights, University of Pretoria, South Africa; the Law Faculty, University of Ghana, Legon; the Center for the Study of Law and Religion, Emory University, United States; and the International... more

4 January 2012.  Fourth Annual J. Reuben Clark Law Society Faculty Section Conference, Washington College of Law, American University, 3:00 p.m., Robert Smith participating on plenary panel with paper titled "Current Frontiers in Religious Freedom Litigation."

6 January 2012.  Committee on Religious Liberty meeting. Washington, D.C. Cole Durham participating.

16-18 February 2012. Annual Conference of the J. Reuben Clark Society, Stanford University, Cole Durham and Gayla Sorenson participating.

24-25 February 2012. Workshop on Oxford Handbook... more

2009 Conferences & Events

January 22-24         ICLARS Congress, Milan, Italy

February 2-3           Conference on Religion in Contemporary Society, Moscow, Russia

February 4-6           OSCE AC Meeting – Vienna

February 13-15        Nepal Conference on New Constitution

March 12-14            Civil Religion Conference at BYU

March 18                 Villanova Comparative... more