2009-2010 Calendar of Events

2009 Conferences & Events

January 22-24         ICLARS Congress, Milan, Italy

February 2-3           Conference on Religion in Contemporary Society, Moscow, Russia

February 4-6           OSCE AC Meeting – Vienna

February 13-15        Nepal Conference on New Constitution

March 12-14            Civil Religion Conference at BYU

March 18                 Villanova Comparative Law Workshop

April 9-20                Central European University, Budapest, Hungary

April 20-22              International Symposium on Religious Freedom, Constitutionalism and Human Flourishing,
                             sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation, Istanbul, Turkey

April 28- May 2        IRLA Meeting, Santo Domingo

May 13-17               Conference on Christianity in the East: Religion and Harmony,
                              Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah

May 23 IRLA            Festival of Religious Freedom – Philippines

May 29-30              “Religious Autonomy” Conference, Budapest, Hungary

June 5-6                 Southern Virginia University

June 7-9                 Conference on “Family Law in a Multicultural Environment: Civil and Religious Law
                              in Family Matters,” Sponsored by the International Society for Family Law, Israel

June 12-14               András Sajó, Budapest Conference

June 10-14               CESNUR Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah

July 18                     Festival of Religious Freedom, Jerusalem

August 3-6               Conference, St. Petersburg, Russia

August 10-14            Human Rights Advocates Training, Indonesia

August 14-15            Australia Conference, Canberra Latin American Conference, Uruguay

September 1-3          IRLA Meeting of Experts – Silver Spring, Maryland

September 8-10         IRLA Congress on “The Role of the Government in Promoting Religious Liberty,”
                                sponsored by the International Religious Liberty Association, Ulan Bator, Mongolia

September 26-29       IRLA Congress on Religious Freedom – Colombia

October 3                 IRLA Festival of Religious Freedom – Venezuela

October 4-6               16th International Law and Religion Symposium, sponsored by the International Center
                                for Law and Religion Studies at BYU, Provo, Utah

October 14-15           Conference on “Financing Churches and Religious Societies in the 21st Century,”
                                sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic Institute for State-
                                Church Relations, Bratislava, Slovak Republic

October 21-24           Volgograd Conference

October 24                IRLA Meeting of Experts – Djakarta

October 29-31           Conference “World Religions and their Influence on Legal Systems,” a meeting of
                                the International Congress of the Chamber of Lawyers, an initiative of the
                                Chamber of Lawyers of Frankfurt am Main, hosted by Legal-Profession.org,
                                in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

November 12-13       “Religious Legal Theory: The State of the Field,” conference sponsored by Seton Hall
                                University School of Law, Newark, New Jersey

November 13-14        Conference on “Religion, Ethics, and Peace: Honoring the Career of Professor
                                David Little,” co-sponsored by the Harvard Divinity School and Kroc Institute
                               for International Peace at Notre Dame, Cambridge, Massachusetts

November 20-22        Conference on “Religion and the Law in Southeast Asia,” co-sponsored by the
                                International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies (IAIS) Malaysia and
                                the International Center for Law and Religion Studies at BYU, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

November 21             IRLA First World Festival of Religious Freedom – Lima, Peru

2010 Conferences & Events

February 11-12          JRCLS Annual Conference, Religious Freedom in the Middle East,
                                University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah

February 26               Symposium on “The Future of Rights of Conscience in Health Care: Legal and
                                Ethical Perspectives,” co-sponsored by the J. Reuben Clark Law School at
                                Brigham Young University, by the Ave Maria School of Law, and by University
                                Faculty for Life, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah

March 30                   Conference on “Theoretical Perspectives and Practical Problems in Law,”
                                sponsored by Catholic University, Washington, D.C.

April 22-25                 68th MPSA Political Science Conference, Chicago, Illinois

June 4-5                    The 18th Individual vs. the State Conference on “Religion in the Public Square,”
                                Central European University, Budapest, Hungary 

June 17-20                 Conference on “Esotericism and Politics,” sponsored by The Association for the
                                 Study of Esotericism, the Societas Magica, and JSR: Journal for the Study of
                                 Radicalism, Michigan State University, East Lansing 

July 25-31                  International Association of Comparative Law Conference On Religion and
                                 the Secular State/La réligion et l’État Laïque, Washington, D.C.