Webinar Episode 14: Looking Back and Seeing the Road Forward

In this episode, experts from each of the sponsoring institutions of the series offer concluding reflections looking back and thoughts on moving forward. 

Webinar Summary

Sponsors begin by sharing which aspects of the pandemic and freedom of religion discussed in previous episodes have most affected them. Organizer Francesco Di Lillo shares comments and questions from several viewers on various subjects. The panelists remark on topics relating to international relations, media coverage of religious freedom, and the pandemic’s effect on human rights in relation to previous discussions in the webinar. The panelists also consider in which ways their views of the pandemic and its influence in freedom of religion or belief have changed over the last fourteen weeks. These experts then look forward by offering goals beyond the webinar series and into the future of the pandemic and religious freedom. The panel concludes by responding to a question of religious engagement and how that should inform the way to move forward from the pandemic in supporting freedom of religion or belief.


  • Dr. Pasquale Annicchino, Bruno Kessler Foundation/CIRIS
  • Dr. Judd Birdsall, Cambridge Institute on Religion & International Studies
  • Francesco Di Lillo, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – European Union Office
  • Prof. Michael Mohallem, FGV Escola de Direito do Rio de Janeiro
  • Prof. Brett Scharffs, International Center for Law and Religion Studies, BYU Law School
  • Prof. Marco Ventura, Bruno Kessler Foundation/University of Siena