2019 Symposium Executive Committee


The Symposium Executive Committee plays a vital role in ensuring the success of the International Law and Religion Symposium each year. Composed of 24 BYU Law students working under the direction of Professor Elizabeth Clark, the Committee begins preparing for the symposium weeks in advance. The committee students coordinate the logistical aspects of the conference and assist delegates throughout the duration of the symposium.

Erin Cranor, a student chairing the master schedule team, said participating on the Student Executive Committee is a valuable opportunity for students.

We get to see what matters in today’s most serious religious freedom concerns, and we learn what is working in the world’s most significant religious freedom victories right now,” she said. “Volunteering with the Symposium prepares us to make a difference like no other experience could.”

The Student Executive Committee is divided into six sub-committees: master schedule; documents, interpretation and media; recruitment and volunteering coordination; transportation; concierge; and hosting.

Kai'anui Graham

Rhonda Peck