Religion and Security: Sharing Perspectives

27 January 2021

The Fellows from the Center’s 2019 Young Scholars Fellowship Program at Oxford continue to collaborate.  On January 27, 2021, the 2019 Oxford Fellows held an international conference and working group meeting on religion and security.  Drawing from the USCE-ODIHR policy guidance that “sustainable security is not possible without full respect for human rights,” these fourteen scholars from twelve countries shared their current research. These papers will continue to evolve over the next few months with the intention of publishing them in a book.  Participants were Rodrigo Vitorino Souza Alves (Brazil), Azizat O. Amoloye-Adebayo (Nigeria), Renae Barker (Australia), Michelle Flynn (Ireland), Elena Lopez Ruf (Argentina), Greg Marcar (New Zealand), Elena Markova (Russia), Tania Pagotto (Italy), Joshua Roose (Australia), Maksym Vasin (Ukraine), Yuan Zhang (China) and Zhang Zheng (China).  We are grateful for their continuing research efforts and look forward to the publication of their papers.