Professor Scharffs’ article featured in publication by IGE’s Vietnam partners

A  four-volume compendium of scholarship from Institute of Global Engagement’s journal, The Review of Faith & International Affairs, was published by IGE’s Vietnam government partners. The compendium contains 39 articles from The Review in both English and Vietnamese, covering four topics: 1) Religion and Human Security; 2) Religion and Security; 3) Religion and State Policy; and, 4) Religion and Sustainable Development.

This is the first-ever publication in Vietnam to offer international perspectives on critical issues related to religion and religious freedom. IGE’s partners, the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics (NAP) and the Vietnam-USA Society, will distribute this compendium to both central and local government officials throughout all of Vietnam’s 63 provinces. The compendium features articles such as:

  • “Security, Religious Autonomy, and the Good Society” by Brett G. Scharffs
  • “Religious Liberty and Economic Development: Exploring the Causal Connections” by Anthony Gill
  • “Building Religious Freedom: A Theory of Change” by Chris Seiple
  • “Engaging Vietnam and Laos on Religious Freedom” by Hien Vu, Stephen Bailey, and James Chen

Source: IGE