Suggest a News Item

The Suggest News Item feature of our websites is new and, we hope, fairly straightforward.  Try it first, and if you have questions or difficulties, consult these detailed instructions.

1.  Sign in to your ICLRS Account from any of our three websites.  (If you have not already established a user account, please click here before you go any further.)

2.  Go to the News page of the site you are visiting.  (Select News from the bar at the top of the page.)

3.  Click on Suggest News Item at the top right of the News page.

4.  In the box that appears, type a title for your item in the News Item Title box.  Note that we can’t guarantee that your title will appear just as you have typed it, since similar articles may have identical titles.  If we have to make significant changes for this or another reason, we will inform you before the article is posted.

5.  Type the text of your news article into the News Item Text box.  If your article is more than 10,000 characters (just over 4 pages) long, you will have to attach it as a file.  Note that you can also copy text from another document and paste it into the window.

6.  If you would like to attach a document, photo, or other file to your article, or attach the article itself as a completed document, click the Choose File button. This will open a documents folder on your computer.  Find and select the file you want and click Open on your documents menu. 

7.  The name of your file, followed by its 3-letter file extension, will appear beside the Choose File button.  Our program will accept all document file types (including .pdf files), all image files, and compressed archive (.zip) files. 

8.  Enter your E-mail Address so that we can contact you with questions or inform you of undue delays in our posting process.

9.  Click Submit, and you’re finished!

10.  Your news item, if approved for publication, should appear within five working days on the News page of the site through which you submitted it. 

11.  If you do not see your article with ten days and have not heard from us about the cause of the delay, please feel free to send a message of inquiry to Donlu [email protected].  Tell us the title of your article and the date of your submission, and we will make every effort to respond promptly.

Thank you for your interest in freedom of religion or belief worldwide and for helping us make our websites more useful in furthering that cause.