Milt Shipp appointed IAC Chair

Milt Shipp, supported by his wife Heidi Shipp, is named as the new IAC Chair

















The International Center for Law and Religion Studies (ICLRS) is pleased to announce the appointment of Milt Shipp as the new Chair of the International Advisory Council (IAC), with the support of his wife, Heidi Shipp. The IAC plays a crucial role in promoting global religious freedom by hosting delegates, participating in religious conferences, and sharing resources to advance the ICLRS’ work.

Milt Shipp became the new IAC Chair this January, following their mission as the President of the Missionary Training Center in India, for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The Shipps have also served a mission in the Asia Area, overseeing the FSY (For the Strength of Youth) program in Asia. Milt is the founder and retired CEO of DAI, a real estate development company based in Utah. Heidi has served on the Broadcast Leadership Council for BYUTV and the Governor’s Council for People with Disabilities. Together, they have served on the IAC for several years. Their dedication to the IAC is intimately connected to their determination as advocates for religious freedom and human dignity.

“[Religious freedom] is a cause that is deep within us,” said Milt. “That need of all of us on the earth to be able to pursue our own conscience is fundamental. It’s foundational to all the other benefits that a society may hold out to its people.”

As Milt has commenced in his role as the IAC Chair, he and his wife have prioritized the development of unity among the various groups within the IAC. Drawing from their experience as IAC members, they recognize the transformative impact of working together with the entire IAC in achieving their shared goals. Milt and Heidi are also dedicated to working in unity with the ICLRS.

“We are devoted to doing everything we can to further the Lord’s Kingdom. We have seen the ICLRS work closely with the leadership of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We have witnessed many situations where the Lord has used the ICLRS to touch the lives of individuals across the globe and steer the course of nations in perpetuating freedom of religion. Therefore, our commitment is to gladly lead the IAC to help achieve the objectives that Brett (Scharffs), as the Center’s Director, in collaboration with the Brethren, chooses to pursue.”

The Shipps envision substantial growth for the IAC as they rally others in the support of its cause.

“We want to help others to know that this is out there!” Milt exclaimed. He and his wife hope to see a significant increase in incoming members of the IAC, igniting a fresh wave of commitment to the cause of religious freedom and human dignity.

Milt admonished those considering membership with the IAC to “think about what [they] want to leave as a legacy.” He added, “The IAC offers the great benefit of helping the kingdom go forward in a broad, global way, blessing the lives of good people.”

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