Lutforahman Saeed

Assistant Professor, Islamic Law Faculty, Kabul University

Dr. Lutforahman Saeed joined the Center in 2022 as a visiting scholar. A member of the Sharia (Islamic) Law faculty at Kabul University for more than 27 years, he earned his BA in Islamic studies from Kabul University in 1991 and his LLM from the University of Washington School of Law in 2010. He completed his PhD summa cum laude in the field of Islamic law and human rights at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg in December 2019, where his PhD thesis received the STAEDTLER Foundation’s award for outstanding dissertation in 2020. Saeed specializes in Islamic law and Islamic studies and has published in local and international journals. His book, Islam, Custom and Human Rights: A Legal and Empirical Study of Criminal Cases in Afghanistan After the 2004 Constitution, was published in January 2022. Saeed has served as the country director of Legal Educators Support Program–Afghanistan (LESPA) for nearly eight years, and in 2019 he cofounded Afghanistan Legal Research and Development Organization (ALRDO). While at the Center, he will play a key role in upcoming projects, including Islamic perspectives on human dignity and freedom of religion in Islam.