Joseph Oluseyi Malomo

Pastor, State House Chaplain, and Senior Special Assistant to the President (Chaplaincy)
Joseph Malomo was born in Lagos, Nigeria, to an Anglican family. In 1992 he qualified as a Nigerian legal practitioner. He was named one of the top six students in the 1992 law school session and was nominated for his college’s most prestigious scholarship. Since June 2015, he has been serving as senior special assistant to the president of Nigeria (Chaplaincy) and as state house chaplain, which involves presiding over the presidential chapel and advising on Christian matters. Malomo has written the following books: Stop Shooting Stray Bullets, Solomon’s Judgement, No 50–50, and Epistle Capsules. He has spoken at the Christian Fellowship of Diplomats at the United Nations in New York City. His message centers on righteousness, Christian discipline, divine motivation, and a calling to the healing ministry. Malomo is married with three children.