Interfaith Perspectives on Human Dignity, Religious Freedom & Persecution—Session 2

Marco Carvalho describes different sources of religious freedom attacks, including the media, legislation, and academic institutions. Donald Radbindranauth Ramotar describes the state of religious freedom in Guyana and how Guyana can serve as a model for other multicultural countries. Jonathan Prendas Rodriguez shares examples of persecution, discrimination and misunderstandings relating to religious freedom in Costa Rica. Augusto Rodas Andrade discusses possible solutions to problems such as childhood suffering, poverty and inequality, as well as racism and discrimination. 


Marco Carvalho, Municipal Prosecutor, Professor and Special Advisor to the Brazilian Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights

Donald Rabindranauth Ramotar, Former President, Co-operative Republic of Guyana 

Jonathan Prendas Rodriguez, Member, National Assembly, Republic of Costa Rica

Augusto Rodas Andrade, Attorney General for Human Rights, Republic of Guatemala


Gary Doxey, Associate Director for the International Center for Law and Religion Studies