About the Theme

Finding Collaborative Solutions to Promote Freedom of Religion or Belief

Last year, a participant in our Annual International Law and Religion Symposium thoughtfully noted, “Common ground does not exist until we imagine it and then we need to work ridiculously hard to create it.” This year our Symposium focuses on finding common ground through collaborations to promote freedom of religion or belief.

Successfully ensuring the right of everyone everywhere to freedom of religion or belief requires a vast array of individuals and organizations working together. The Symposium explores these kinds of collaborations: How can they be most effective? What are the challenges and opportunities in various partnerships with religious organizations, national governments, NGOs, and multinational organizations? Our keynote speakers bring broad and deep experience to the topic.

In regional sessions, the Symposium explores these questions in more particularized contexts.  We partner for these sessions with leading regional law and religion and religious freedom consortia from around the world. These discussions look at the challenges and opportunities within each region and explore what kind of partnerships are needed to successfully promote change there. Join us for these important opportunities to imagine and create the common ground that can make a difference.

Register for the upcoming Symposium

Registration is free. Utah CLE credit is available. Register for credit by session from October 3, 2021 through October 16, 2021 on our website at iclrs.org.


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