World Religions and their Influence on Legal Systems

October 2009 – Frankfurt am Main

The International Congress of the Chamber of Lawyers met in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, during 29-31 October 2009 in a conference hosted by, An Initiative of the Chamber of Lawyers Frankfurt am Main to serve Legal Professionals around the Globe, to discuss the impact of world religions on the legal systems of the nations.  Believing that existing written law and judicial practice are both influenced by underlying faith systems and prone to superimpositions by religious traditions, and that “law is an important component of the interreligious dialogue,” participants from Syria, Israel, Germany, Iran, Malaysia, India, Gambia, South Korea, Afghanistan, The United States, the Philippines, Russia, Japan, and Nepal, with greetings sent from Egypt and Turkey, exchanged ideas and information regarding inter- and transcultural problems of the legal profession. “Many lawyers worldwide advocate human rights and stand up for access to law,” and “it should therefore be possible for the representatives of national and international lawyers organisations … to agree about possibilities to improve cross border communication with regard to the framework conditions of legal work, aiming to develop common meassures for the enforcement of law throughout all religions and views of the world.”