Workshop on Law and Religion in Mediterranean Islam – Como, Italy, 6-8 April 2010

In keeping with its ongoing Islamic initiatives, the International Center for Law and Religion Studies co-sponsored with the Università degli Studi dell’Insubria the international workshop “Law and Religion in Mediterranean Islam” in Como, Italy, from 6-8 April 2010. An important outcome of the workshop will be a book on the conference topic. Attending the conference were Center directors W. Cole Durham, Jr., and Gary B. Doxey, as well as International Advisory Council members Duane and Erlyn Madsen and David and Linda Nearon. Delegates, who were selected for their expertise, delivered reports on law and religion in their countries, and each will contribute a chapter to the book. Experts presenting were Abu Moussa Ramadan (Palestine), Faisal Al Rfouh (Jordan), Jacques El-Hakim (Syria), Gazi Gherairi (Tunisia), Talip Kucukcan (Turkey), Omar El Kadi (Egypt), Riyad Fakhri (Morocco), Cherif Bennadji (Algeria), and Ahmed Gehani (Lybia). Discussion moderaters were Professor Silvio Ferrari (Università degli Studi di Milano), Professor Paolo Branca (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano), and Roberto Mazzola. 

During the past year Center representatives have participated in a number of conferences and workshops as part of the Islamic initiative, including important events in Indonesia, Jordan, and Malaysia. For a number of years Center scholars have worked in collaboration with other international scholars to produce the work Islam in Europe, due for publication within the year. Also this year, a major sub-theme for the Seventeenth Annual International Law and Religion Symposium in October will be “Islamic Practice: Differing Experiences.”

Photo Credits: Duane Madsen