Visitors to the Center in 2013

The Center was pleased to welcome a number of distinguished visitors in 2013. 

Among the objectives of these visits was to sign a first-ever Memorandum of Understanding Concerning Religious Freedom between Vietnamese academic and government representatives and BYU; to conduct research in law and religion; to speak to BYU faculty and students; to examine best practices in the American judiciary system, and the role of the judicial process in the development of civil society; to explore interfaith dialogue and discuss civic contributions of religious organizations in American society; to interact with American legal counterparts, and members or religious organizations; to learn more about the Center, BYU, and the LDS Church; to explore academic and practical trends in conflict analysis, mediation and transformation; to compare conflict transformation, resolution, and mediation techniques, and their situational benefits and challenges; to nalyze causes of conflicts between nations, communities, organizations, political parties, and individuals; to examine the role of foreign policy, international law, bilateral/multilateral treaties, and interfaith efforts in transforming conflict situations.