Under Caesar’s Sword: How Christians Respond to Persecution

Under Caesar’s Sword: How Christians Respond to Persecution
Daniel Philpott and Timothy Samuel Shah
Cambridge University Press Academic 2018

The global persecution of Christians is an urgent human rights issue that remains underreported. This volume presents the results of the first systematic global investigation into how Christians respond to persecution. World-class scholars of global Christianity present first-hand research from most of the sites of the harshest persecution as well as the West and Latin America. Their findings make clear the nature of persecution, the reasons for it, Christian responses to it – both non-violent and confrontational – and the effects of these responses. Motivating the volume is the hope that this knowledge will empower all who would exercise solidarity with the world’s persecuted Christians and will offer the victims strategies for a more effective response. This book is written for anyone concerned about the persecution of Christians or more generally about the human right of religious freedom, including scholars, activists, political and religious leaders, and those who work for international organizations.

  • Brings attention to the underreported plight of persecuted Christians
  • Includes details of persecution in twenty-four countries
  • Will help activists and officials respond more effectively to persecution

Daniel Philpott is Professor of Political Science at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana
Timothy Samuel Shah is Director for International Research at the Religious Freedom Research Project of the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs at Georgetown University, in Washington, DC. He is also Research Professor of Government at Baylor University’s Institute for Studies of Religion and a Senior Director with the Religious Freedom Institute.

Daniel Philpott, Timothy Samuel Shah, Kent Hill, Robert Dowd, Mariz Tadros, Christian Van Gorder, Kathleen Collins, Karrie Koesel, Jekaterina Dunajeva, Sara Singha, Chad Bauman, James Ponniah, Reg Reimer, Fenggang Yang, Robert Hefner, Paul Freston, Paul Marshall, Maryann Cusimano Love