Tyler LaMarr

Co-Chair, Documents/University Involvement

Born in Denver, Colorado, Tyler LaMarr studied Political Science and Business Management prior to entering law school. As a Research Fellow, he traveled to Frankfurt, Germany, where he worked as an intern for the LDS Church Area Legal Counsel. While in Europe Tyler participated in the restructuring of the Church’s legal entity in France, and worked on attaining tax deductions for charitable donors of religious organizations. During the summer of 2010 Tyler drafted new content for the treatise “Religious Organizations and the Law” on the topic of same-sex marriage and the many resulting ramifications for religious organizations. Tyler is a member of the BYU National Moot Court Team. He speaks fluent French, and enjoys traveling, fishing, and is very interested in law and religion.  He has accepted the assignment of Co-Chair of the Documents / University Involvement team of the Student Executive Committee for the 2010 International Law and Religion Symposium.