The Center Thanks the Student Research Fellows for 2016

The International Center for Law and Religion Studies expresses its deep thanks outstanding scholars who have completed their assignments as the members of the 2016 Research Fellows Program. This year’s sixteen fellows have particularly impressive undergraduate records, with majors including philosophy, economics (with an interest in development), political science, business, Russian, interdisciplinary studies (with a religious studies emphasis), psychology, Middle East Studies/Arabic, and Linguistics. Three studied Arabic as undergraduates, and one has done some Hindi and Farsi and Burmese. Three had careers before law school — a certified social worker, an electrical engineer/compliance manager, and a high school English teacher/real estate salesman. They have lived in South Africa, Botswana, Chile, Peru, Fiji, Thailand, Colombia, Brazil, Ukraine, Germany, Australia, and the Philippines. The Center looks forward to its immediate and ongoing associate with these fine students.

Reed Adlish
Alexander Alton
Jarom Blackhurst
Kaleb Brimhall 
Sarah Clifford
Jacob Crump
Jessica Farnsworth
Jedidiah Gibson
Ryan Hughes
Nathan Kinghorn
Shad Larson
Brittani Nelson
Thomas Palmer
Joshua Prince
Brenden Stuart
Benjamin Thornell
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
São Paulo, Brazil
Moscow, Russia 
Salt Lake City, Utah
Auckland, New Zealand
Salt Lake City, Utah
Hong Kong
Auckland, New Zealand
Frankfurt, Germany
Lima, Peru
Johannesburg, South Africa
Frankfurt, Germany
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Moscow, Russia
Hong Kong
Accra, Ghana