The Center Thanks the Summer Research Fellows for 2015

The International Center for Law and Religion Studies expresses its thanks to the outstanding scholars who have completed their term as  Summer Research FellowsThe program brings the students into the worldwide work of the Center, as they complete internships with the offices of the legal counsels of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Salt Lake City and in many other parts of the world, participate in Center research, writing, and publishing projects, and help to maintain the Center’s international web presence. This year’s group of fourteen students spent time in Brazil, South Africa, Germany, Argentina, New Zealand, Mexico, Hong Kong, Russia, and Salt Lake City.


Tanner J. Bean
Tye L. Christensen
Ian Collins
David M. Doty
Lauren M. Flores
Adam P. Forsyth
John L. Gibbons
Michael K. Goodrich
Ryan W. Jolley
Scott A. Ludlow
Leilani D. Maldonado
Abby McKeon
McKenna Mills
Emily Page
São Paulo, Brazil
São Paulo, Brazil
Johannesburg, South Africa
Frankfurt, Germany
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Salt Lake City, Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah
Auckland, New Zealand
Mexico City, Mexico
Hong Kong
Salt Lake City, Utah
Frankfurt, Germany
Moscow, Russia
Auckland, New Zealand