The Center Thanks the 2013 Student Research Fellows

The International Center for Law and Religion Studies Student Research Fellows for 2013 have completed their summer’s work, traveling to and from assignments worldwide and working on research and writing projects both remotely and on campus in Provo. The Center expresses gratitude to these students and looks forward to their ongoing contributions to our work.

Each year the Center welcomes a group of outstanding scholars from the J. Reuben Clark Law School into the Research Fellows program, which involves a five-week summer visiting externship, this year in Salt Lake City and in eleven other locations worldwide, followed by a guided individual project. The visiting externships take place at the offices of legal counsels for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints worldwide and at the Office of General Counsel of the Church in Salt Lake City, Utah. Students become active participants in the current work of the legal counsel with whom they are affiliated. During the remainder of the fellowship the students are involved in varied research, writing, and database-building projects that comprise the ongoing scholarly work of the Center. 

Below is a list of this year’s Fellows, along with their Summer 2013 assignments. 

John Anderson
Lacee L. Curtis
Monica Gardner
Jake M. Garfield
Bryant T. Hinckley
Stanley Jean-Charles
Kyler J. McCarty
Lynn Nouri
Daniel M. Ortner
Derek S. Parry
Richard A. Storms
Shantel Talbot
Cristina S. Wood 
Auckland, New Zealand
Sydney, Australia
Accra, Ghana
Mexico City, Mexico
Johannesburg, South Africa
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Salt Lake City, Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah
Hong Kong
Tokyo, Japan
Manila, Philippines
Frankfurt, Germany