The Center Thanks the 2010 Symposium Hosts

The International Center for Law and Religion Studies is grateful once again this year for the indispensable help of our friends who volunteered to act as hosts for the delegates to the annual International Law and Religion Symposium. The hosts, some of whom have themselves traveled widely to attend such events, served to welcome the delegates and in countless ways to enhance their stay in Provo. We heard many reports this year from delegates expressing particular appreciation for assistance and for the unusual warmth of the welcome they received. This year’s hosts were led by a Hosting Committee comprised of chair Linda Nearon and vice-chair Lynn Anderson, with committee members Jim & Bonnie Pollock, Scott & Chris Cameron, and Kelly & Tamra Reeves, along with Center personnel Deborah Wright, Gary Doxey, and Bob Smith. A number of this year’s hosts have served with us for some time, and we express our continual gratitude to these generous people for making the Symposium such a memorable experience for all who attend, year after year. We enthusiastically welcome those who have more recently joined us as hosts, and we look forward to a long and fruitful association.

Bishnu and Mangala Adhikari
Richard and Holly Alden
Michael Andam
Gary and Lynn Anderson
Jeremy and Kristin Andrus
Stacy and Parshelle Brimhall
Scott and Christine Cameron
David and Mary Christensen
John P. (Phil) and Barbara Colton
Sterling and Eleanor Colton
Mark and Janette Cressler
Wayne and Connie Hancock
Ralph W. Hardy
Jeff and Jenna Holt
King Husein
Woody and Page Johnson
Rob and Lisa Lamb
Adam Lawyer and Melanie Marquez

David and Nancy LeSueur
Kang Woo and Kum Hee Lee
Duane and Erlyn Madsen
Larry and Joanne McColm
David and Linda Nearon
Brent H. Nelson
John and Catia Nichols
Don and Ann Pearson
David and Darelyn Peterson
Jim and Bonnie Pollock
Bill and Margaret Pope
Kelly and Tamra Reeves
Gerrit and Judy Steenblik
Laurie B. Swim
Stanford and Michelle Swim
Scott and Betsy Thornton
Myron and Olene Walker
Rick and Rebecca Woodbury