The Center Thanks the 2010 Student Volunteers

The continuing success of the Annual International Law and Religion Symposium of the International Center for Law and Religion Studies at Brigham Young University is due largely to the dedication and the competence of The Student Executive Committee. In 2010 the Executive Committee served under the direction of ICLRS Associate Director Elizabeth Sewell, with assistance from Senior Editor Donlu Thayer. Composed of outstanding second- and third-year students from the J. Reuben Clark Law School, the Committee is involved in planning, coordinating, and seeing to the smooth execution of every aspect of the Symposium. They create and manage a Master Schedule for the Symposium’s many academic and peripheral events. They recruit and supervise volunteers – this year more than 60 – from across campus who provide transportation and interpretation for delegates. They handle the gathering of Symposium papers and work to create links between the Symposium participants and the University community. During the Symposium they continue responsibility for delegate travel to and from the airport, handle the affairs of the Concierge Desk, and oversee the simultaneous translation of events into the languages of all participants.

Without the hard work and long hours of these students, added to the already heavy demands of law school, the Symposium would not be the almost miraculous annual event that it has become, and the Center and the Delegates are profoundly grateful for the competence and sacrifices of these fine young people.

The Center recognizes and and expresses deep gratitude to this year’s committee members: Diana Hardy, Rebecca Erekson, Joseph Wise, Bonnie Alldredge, Heath Becker, Chase Gunnell, Dallin Morrow, Nate White, Kimberly Tolman, Julie BlackMcKenzie Armstrong, Tyler LaMarr, Kandis Bryant, and Jordan Teuscher.