The Center Thanks the 2010 Summer Research Fellows

The Summer Research Fellows Program of the International Center for Law and Religion Studies provides an opportunity for law students to combine an international externship with significant research and writing in the area of freedom of religion or belief. The Center very much appreciates the outstanding students who have been selected this year, and we look forward to the continuing contributions of these fine scholars to our ongoing work, worldwide and here at the J. Reuben Clark Law School.

Keith Barlow  –  Salt Lake City, Utah
Heath Becker  –  Guatemala City, Guatemala
M. Preston Gardner  –  São Paulo, Brazil
Kristina Hardy  –  Mexico City, Mexico
Bryan Holm –  Auckland, New Zealand
George Monsivais  –  Salt Lake City, Utah
Rebecca Nelson  –  Lima, Peru
Lori Olsen  – Johannesburg, South Africa
Julie Slater   –  Accra, Ghana
Robert Stratford  –  Hong Kong, China
Jordan Teuscher  –   Kyiv, Ukraine
Adam Thompson  –  Auckland, New Zealand
Elizabeth Willian
– Frankfurt, Germany