Symposium 2017: Faith Perspectives on Religion in a Changing World

by Kyle Harvey, BYU Law Student and Symposium Volunteer

On Monday, October 2, 2017, the 4:15 breakout session, Faith Perspectives on Religion in a Changing World, was moderated by Assistant Professor of Religious Education at BYU, J.B. Haws. Three key speakers divided the time in the session. 

Socrates B. Villegas, Archbishop Lingayen-Dagupan in Pangasinan of the Roman Catholic Church, initiated the session with his remarks. The Archbishop delivered an address sounding a “call for unity” between the faiths and emphasizing five ‘Cs’ necessary to maintaining a faithful perspective in a changing world. Following the Archbishop, Director David Landrum of the Evangelical Alliance UK provided his insights on the context of religious freedom in the UK, including specific reference to the difficulty of public Christian officials trying to live their faith in a hostile, political environment. Mohammed Amin, Chairman of the Conservative Muslim Forum, United Kingdom, concluded the session. Chairman Amin gave an analysis of the Muslim religious texts that have been indicated as a cause of religious persecution.