Symposium 2011 Delegate Rachael Kohn Interviews Delegates Justice Zaki Asmi and the Reverend Thomas Philips on Spirit of Things Broadcast

Dr. Rachael Kohn, host of the Australia ABC radio program The Spirit of Things, was a delegate to the Eighteenth Annual International Law and Religion Symposium. For her program of 23 October, Dr. Kohn broadcast an interview with fellow Symposium participants from Malaysia, conducted during her stay in Provo.

Religious pluralism marks the history of Malaysia, notes Dr. Kohn, but riots in 1969 fostered tensions between religious groups that have had lasting effects. Recently-retired Chief Justice of Malaysia, Zaki bin Tun Azmi, says religious pluralism is very well managed in his country, which is officially Muslim. But 40% of the country is not Muslim, and the Rev’d Thomas Philips, who heads the National Committee for Promoting Religious Understanding, says the problems are many, particularly in relation to the control of Christianity by the Muslim state.

Listen to the broadcast here.  Read the program transcript here.