Symposium 2009: Student Volunteers

Each year in preparing for and carrying out the International Law and Religion Symposium, the Center relies upon a great number of student volunteers, most of them from the J. Reuben Clark Law School. This year approximately 100 students, supervised by ICLRS Director of Publications Christine Scott and organized under a student Executive Committee, have assumed responsibility for coordinating such aspects of the Symposium as transportation, informal translation, and other organizational logistics. The Center recognizes and thanks this year’s student volunteers and gives special thanks to the Executive Committee members: Erin Bradley, Diana HardyMegan Grant, Summer WilsonJames UrrutiaJoseph Wise, Kaycee HuletAlicia RogersMatthew Chandler, Dallin MorrowLorie HobbsAmanda MackeyMcKenzie Armstrong,and Shannon Grandy Allongo.