Sunggon Kim

Sunggon Kim, Honorary President, Asian Conference of Religions for Peace

Sunggon Kim holds a PhD in religion from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, and a bachelor’s degree in history from Korea University. Committed to the belief that interfaith cooperation is essential for fostering global peace, Sunggon has dedicated his life to the interfaith peace movement. He served as secretary general of Religions for Peace (RfP) in Korea and subsequently held the position of secretary general of RfP Asia (ACRP). In addition to his work in the realm of interfaith cooperation, he has been elected a Member of Parliament in Korea four times; he presently serves as secretary general of the Parliament and was earlier chairman of the Defense Committee. Kim’s religious background is rooted in Won Buddhism, and he is currently chair of the Committee for United Religions. He has served as president of Corp. Peace in 2023, president of the Overseas Korean Foundation in 2021, and secretary general of the Asian Conference of Religions for Peace from 2002 to 2014. Kim has also been a professor of religion at Yongsan Won Buddhist College.