Summer Research Fellows

The ICLRS Summer Research Fellows program invites students from the J. Reuben Clark Law School to participate in an international externship followed by a guided individual research project. Fellows gain practical experience as well as significant research and writing experience, important for launching and sustaining their careers, while enjoying opportunities for personal encounters with global leaders in the field of religious freedom. At the same time, the Fellows offer a vital service to the work of the Center and to the cause of religious freedom worldwide.

During the summer of their fellowship, Student Research Fellows are assigned to work five weeks at the Office of General Counsel at LDS Church Headquarters in Salt Lake City or in one of the eight Area Legal Counsel offices of the Church in countries around the world. They then spend the balance of the summer on research projects related to the development of the global religion law database project, on analysis of emerging legislation affecting religion in various parts of the world, and on other scholarly projects. The Center is immensely grateful for the contributions these fine students make during the year of the fellowship, and indeed for the ongoing contributions many of them have made to the Center’s work and to the greater cause of religious freedom, during their time in law school and beyond.