Second Certificate Training Program on Religion and the Rule of Law in Vietnam

The International Center for Law and Religion Studies (ICLRS, Brigham Young University), in partnership with the Institute for Global Engagement (IGE) and the University of Social Science and Humanities (USSH at Vietnam National University Hanoi) hosted the second ten-day certificate training program on “Religion and the Rule of Law” in Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam, from 16-25 September 2013. This program is designed to systematically build an intellectual infrastructure to help guide the current and emerging generation of Vietnamese scholars, government officials, policy advisors, and religious leaders, as they work to improve policy on religious freedom in their own contexts. The process is intended to provide a network for change, so that these Vietnamese leaders can make the case from within their own cultural context that religious freedom is essential for a stable and prosperous society. The first Religion and Rule of Law ten-day certificate Program took place in 2012 in Hanoi