Sahibzada Sultan Ahmed Ali

Sahibzada Sultan Ahmed Ali, Chairman, Muslim Institute

Sahibzada Sultan Ahmed Ali is a tenth-generation descendant of 16th century South Asian Qadiri Sufi Sult̲ān-ul-‘Ārifīn Sultan Bahoo. Ali is chairman of the research-based think tank Muslim Institute, which is based in Islamabad, Pakistan, and London, UK. He is chairman of the advisory board of the quarterly journal Muslim Perspectives, chief editor of the monthly magazine Mirrat-ul-Arifeen International, and chairman of the Al-Arifeen Group of Publications. In addition, he supervises an online Oxford-style international debate platform called The Muslim Debate. He is secretary general of Islahee Jamaat (Edifying Movement), an international organization aimed at promoting Sufi teachings and also heads many educational institutes, including Islamic Studies colleges. Ali has represented Pakistan at various forums and conferences around the world. He has authored multiple books, research papers, and articles. In recognition of his services, he was ranked among Top Ten Most Influential Muslims of the year 2020 by the Institute of Peace and Development (INSPAD).