Roger Sesani Makuntima

Roger Sesani Makuntima, Deputy Chief of Staff, Ministry of Gender, Family and Children

Sesani Makuntima Rogers, a prominent legal expert affiliated with the Kinshasa/Matete Bar, is general manager of RS Groupe SARLU. They have been a consultant and active member of interdisciplinary committees dedicated to the promotion and defense of human rights, particularly for vulnerable social groups such as women and children. Their expertise extends to various facets of human rights, family law, and gender issues, including the legal status of women, child protection, gender-based violence, citizen participation, and women’s empowerment. Within the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rogers has served as deputy cabinet director of the national minister responsible for gender, family, and family affairs, as well as legal advisor to the national minister in the same capacity. They played a pivotal role as a consultant and national expert during the revision of the Family Code, offering valuable insights to the government and Parliament law commission. In addition, they serve as a legal and judicial support specialist within the Department of Legal Services at the Ministry of Gender, Family, and Children. In addition to their governmental roles, Rogers has contributed to gender justice as an associate expert and trainer at the Bureau de Consultation en Genre participation Citoyenne et Développement.