Religious Liberty in Western Thought

Religious Liberty in Western Thought
Noel B. Reynolds & W. Cole Durham, Jr., eds.
Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 1996

In this volume of the Emory University Studies in Law and Religion, nine leading scholars harvest the best of Western thinking on religious liberty, showing historically how religious liberty emerged slowly in the West:

  • W. Cole Durham and Noel B. Reynolds:  Introductory Essay
  • Brian Tierney: Religious Rights: A Historical Perspective and Political and Religious Freedom in Masilius of Padua
  • Seven Ozment: Martin Luther on Religious Liberty
  • John Witte, Jr.: Moderate Religious Liberty in the Theology of John Calvin
  • Joshua Mitchell: Thomas Hobbes: On Religious Liberty and Soveignty and John Locke: A Theology of Religious Liberty
  • W. Cole Durham, Jr.: Rousseau’s Civil Religion and the Ideal of Wholeness
  • Michael W. McConnell: Edmund Burke’s Tolerant Establishment
  • Ellis Sandoz: Religious Liberty and Religion in the American Founding Revisited
  • Thomas L. Pangle: The Accomodation of Religion: A Tocquevillian Perspective