“Religious Legal Theory: State of the Field,” Conference of Seton Hall University School of Law

12-13 November 2009 – Newark, New Jersey

Seton Hall University Law School is sponsoring a symposium to access the “state of the field” in religious legal theory, “consolidating the advances and charting new directions for religious perspectives on law and public policy.”  The symposium, scheduled for Thursday and Friday, 12-13 November 2009, at Seton Hall University Law School in Newark, New Jersey, will bring together a number of law professors, theologians, political scientists, sociologists, and scholars in other disicplines, combining contributions from persons of various religious perspectives to “foster dialogue across the Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Easter religious traditions.”  The Registration Fee for the conference, which includes the conference banquet on Thursday evening, is $75.

Interested persons may download a registration form from the link below, or contact 

Religious Legal Theory Conference
Attn: Rosa Alves
Seton Hall University School of Law
One Newark Center
Newark, NJ  07102

(Quotations and image are from the Conference Brochure.)