Religion in the Public Square: Perspectives on Secularism

Religion in the Public Square: Perspectives on Secularism
Issues in Constitutional Law Volume 8
Renáta Uitz
Eleven International Publishing 2014 

What is the place of religion and religious convictions in government, politics and in public life – taking into consideration the need to respect the free exercise of religion? In the separation or neutrality paradigm, religious organizations (churches) are expected to stay away from public affairs. But other models of state neutrality and secularity – rooted in historical struggles and influenced by experiences and mistakes – result in differing forms of cooperation between religious organizations and the state.

Target group
Academics in constitutional law, human rights and  political scientists

Author’s information
Renáta Uitz is professor, chair of the comparative constitutional law program and head of department at Central European University, Department of Legal Studies in Budapest, Hungary. Her research and teaching cover subjects in comparative constitutional law, transitional constitutionalism and the protection of fundamental rights.