Religion and Foreign Affairs

Religion and Foreign Affairs: Essential Readings
Dennis R. Hoover and Douglas M. Johnston
Baylor University Press 2012

Publisher’s Abstract:

The role of religion in foreign policy debates, while never absent, has often been sidelined by popular prejudices and secular demands. The global resurgence of religion and the threat of religiously-motivated terrorism have prompted new recognition of the need for careful analysis and candid dialogue about the role of religion in public life worldwide. In recent years, scholars, practitioners, and policymakers have consistently reflected upon the role of religion in foreign policy, resulting in a vast, rich array of resources important for moving forward in an increasingly pluralistic world.

Dennis Hoover and Douglas Johnston here present the writings of leading scholars, revealing distinctive approaches to religion and global politics. Religion and Foreign Affairs offers readers a broad selection of essays, ranging across cultures and worldviews. From the ethics of force and peacemaking to globalization and American foreign policy, this compendium provides a solid introduction to the field of religion and foreign affairs that will stimulate discussion and encourage intelligent practice.