Recordings from the 2016 ICLARS Oxford Conference Now Available

ICLARS Oxford Conference
Video Recordings Here

Recordings of sessions for the Fourth Conference of the International Consortium for Law and Religion Studies (ICLARS), held 8-11 September 2016 at St. Hugh’s College, Oxford, UK are now available on the website of the International Center for Law and Religion Studies (ICLRS) at Brigham Young University. ICLRS was the primary co-sponsor of the event, along with the University of Milan, and the Religion, Law and International Relations Programme of the Centre for Christianity and Culture of Regent’s Park College, Oxford.

This highly successful event brought together some 150 international experts from 37 countries  to discuss the conference themes, “Freedom of/ for/ from/ within Religion: Differing Dimensions of a Common Right?”, to participate in two important book launches, and to share information about Journals, Book Series, and Associations, and Centers dealing with law and religion.

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