Perspectives from Brazil

Gaylee Coverston
Research Advisor 

During the breakout session discussing the issues of religious freedom in Brazil, the distinguished delegates Magno Alexandre Ferreira Moura, Damaris Dias Moura Kuo, Samuel Gomes Lima, and Moroni Morgado Mendes Costa discussed the history of Brazil’s quest for religious freedom citing constitutional changes over the years and laws currently in effect in a clear, concise, and transparent way. They also discussed the current organizations fighting for freedoms involving religious choice, respect amongst religious groups, and the separation of religion and state. These organizations such as The Brazilian Association for Religious and Citizenship Freedom and the Religious Liberty Commission of the Brazilian Bar Association have sponsored and hosted many wonderful events to educate, inspire, and unite in the cause of religious freedom. They also discussed recent cases resolved with positive effect in support of Brazil’s freedom of religion stance. Brazil has achieved great success in creating a society where choice of religion or no religion is unrestrained and its acceptance of and respect toward religious differences, becoming one of its greatest strengths.