Oxford Journal of Law and Religion Lecture Series, Trinity Term 2013

The Oxford Journal of Law and Religion Lecture Series is announced for Trinity Term 2013. Public lectures on the theme “Changing Nature of Religious Rights under International Law–30 Years after the 1981 Declaration” are held on Tuesdays throughout the term at 5.00 pm at Regent’s Park College, Oxford. Organized by the Oxford Centre for Christianity and Culture, Regent’s Park College, FORBFocus, Brunel Law and Religion Research Group, Bristol Centre for the Study of Law and Religion, and the Oxford Society for Law and Religion. 

23 April  

30 April


7 May

14 May

21 May

28 May


4 June

11 June


Freedom of Religion or Belief – Emerging Tensions
Professor Cole Durham (Brigham Young University)

Some reflections on the Coptic Church, church and state relations and the question of law and religion in modern Egypt  Dr Antony O’Mahony (Heythrop College, London)

Religion and Transitional Justice
Dr Rinaldo Cristofori (University of Milan)

Freedom of Religion and Public Reason
Christopher McCrudden (Queen’s University Belfast)

Religion and Foreign Policy
Canon Gary Wilton (Representative of the Archbishop of Canterbury in Brussels)

Religious Freedom, International Law and the Catholic Church
Rt Revd Mgr David-Maria Jaeger OFM (Pontifical University ‘Antonianum’ and Rota Romana)

Religious Freedom and Defeasible Rights
Angela Wu Howard (Becket Fund and University of Oxford)

Freedom of Religion or Belief – a Right under Threat
Heiner Biefefeld (Erlangen Nuremberg and UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief)