Oxford Journal of Law and Religion Colloquium

The Oxford Journal of Law and Religion Colloquium, held on the occasion of the publication of the first issue of the Journal, convened on Thursday, 19 April 2012, at Regent’s Park College, Oxford, UK, hosted by the Religion Law and International Relations Programme of the Centre for Christianity and Culture. 

Session I of the Colloquium featured a Welcome and Introduction, “Harmony in Dissonance — Directions of the Law and Religion Studies,” by Peter Petkoff, Director of Religion, Law and International Relations Programme, Regent’s Park College, and Managing Editor of the Oxford Journal of Law and Religion. Journal Editors-in-Chief Silvio Ferrari (Università degli Studi di Milano) and Gerhard Robbers (Universität Trier) addressed the topics “Religion in the Public Sphere” and “Interreligious Dialogue and the State,” respectively. 

In Session II, Editors-in-Chief Julian Rivers (University of Bristol) and W. Cole Durham, Jr. (Brigham Young University, USA) spoke to the topics “Legalism and Legality in Law and Theology” and “Law and Religion — Comparative Constitutional Perspectives.”  

At a reception following Session II, Editor-in-Chief Malcolm Evans (University of Bristol) briefly addressed the group of Advisory Board members, Journal editors – including Case Note Editors Jessica Giles (Open University) and Donlu Thayer (Brigham Young University) and Oxford University Press personnel Rhodri Jackson, Maxine Jeffrey, Cailin Deery, and Danielle Northcott, authors of pieces appearing in the first issue, and other guests.

The evening concluded with dinner at Regent’s Park College Dining Hall.