Note to Users – Browser Difficulties

We are aware that some users of this site are experiencing problems in using the Cases table, specifically in selecting and copying portions of text from html documents in case portals.  We apologize for this, and issue the following suggestions.

We have found that such issues are likely to be browser related, most prominent in Internet Explorer (Windows) and to some extent in Safari (Mac). While we are working on resolving these problems, we recommend using the site in either the Mozilla Firefox browser (for Windows, Mac OS, or Linux) or the new Google Chrome browser (Windows only).

These browsers may be downloaded quickly and without cost at the links below.

Again, we apologize and crave your patience as these issues are resolved. We are in the midst of a major system upgrade (which will result, for one thing, in faster sorting of documents), and we are making daily progress.  As always, we appreciate feedback about how the site might better serve you.